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Artarmon Public School -  School Upgrade

Artarmon Public School Upgrade



Image: 3D rendering of the 3 - storey building (Block S) which is currently under construction for Artarmon Public School.


Project Overview

The upgrade of Artarmon Public School will deliver new permanent future focused education facilities that will provide for current and projected growth in the area.

The project involves:

  • The establishment of a temporary school, known as the Barton Road Campus;
  • The construction of a new 3 storey building incorporating 21 future focused teaching spaces and library (anticipated completion early 2018);
  • New student amenities (anticipated completion early 2018);
  • A new hall on the Abbott Road Campus (anticipated completion early 2019);
  • The integration of Abbott Lane to provide a better functional link between the McMillan and Abbott Road Campus'(anticipated completion early 2018);
  • The creation of a shared access way in Hampden Lane (anticipated completion early 2018);
  • The removal of demountable teaching spaces (anticipated completion early 2019); and
  • More continuous and functional open play space (anticipated completion early 2019).

The complete project is due for completion in early 2019.

On completion of the project, students currently residing in the Barton Road Campus will be transferred back to the McMillan Road Campus and the temporary school will be decommissioned.



Education Principles

At the beginning of the planning process for a school upgrade a Project Reference Group (PRG) is formed.  The PRG includes members from the Department, the School and the P&C. Meetings have been held on a regular basis to ensure the proposed design considers the requirements of all users and meets education needs.


Education Principles were developed by the PRG that include many issues the school community felt were most important to consider during the planning and construction of the Artarmon Public School upgrade.


Please see the link below to access that document.

Educational Principles (pdf 1600 KB)

How to stay informed

Updates and information about the project will be published in school newsletters and on this website.

Future opportunities for consultation with the school community and local residents, if required, will be notified through this forum.